• Festival King: Lee Brian Schrager

    Festival King: Lee Brian Schrager

    Head of one of the country’s biggest culinary festivals, Lee Schrager says it’s all about teamwork, networking & helping college students.

  • Wyncode: the art of code

    Wyncode: the art of code

    Is computer programming becoming the new 21st century literacy? The folks at Wyncode, an intensive boot camp, think so. They’re preparing novice coders to build apps as well as new businesses.

  • Designing the future

    Designing the future

    Architect Pat Bosch has studied and lived around the world—Spain, Puerto Rico, New York, Zurich—but her talent, experience and global perspective are based here, in Miami-Dade County.

  • The value of parks

    The value of parks

    Parks are great for relaxing and hanging out, but nowadays they’re also contributors to youth development, public health, local business opportunities, community building & much more.

  • The Innovators Fall 2014

    The Innovators Fall 2014

    305biz Magazine profiles four local, visionary business people: Manny Medina, Lucy Morillo, Mark B. Rosenberg, Carlos Rosso

  • Sweet success

    Sweet success

    Ana Paz and her small yet exceedingly successful cake shop is a prime example of the type of businesses that are the essence of our local economy.